You must love your daily life

A famous Danish writer, Dan Turèll, wrote it so beautiful in the poem ”Hyldest til hverdagen” (“Tribute to the daily life”) from 1984 (my own translation):

I love the daily life. 
Most of all I love the daily life. 
The slowly awakening to the familiar view, 
that is not so familiar anyway. 
The families confidential and after the sleeps aloofness foreign faces. 
The morning kisses.
The sound of the mail in the hall. 
The smell of coffee.
The ritual walking to the grocery store around the corner for milk, cigarettes and newspaper. 
I love the daily life. 
Even all it´s irritations. 
The bus making noises down in the street. 
The phone interupting the most stagnant, glossy nothing in my aquarium. 
The birds peeping from their cage. 
The old nabour stops by.
Going to the kindergarten to bring home the kids just as you have startet the day. 
The constant grocery list in your jacket demanding meat, potatoes, coffee and biscuits.
The little quick drink in the local pub, where we all meet with our grocery bags and wipes of the sweat.

Brian Skaanning Jacobsen:
I love the daily life and I feel privileged, even though I have made my own daily life through hard work and different upcoming choices. That is what you can do. You have to make your own life. Create it together with your dear ones to have the daily substance, so you can love your daily life. You are the master of your quality of life. You can´t control everything such as diseases, bad luck, death and unemployment etc. that has a huge impact on our conduct of life, but a very important factor for your quality of life is your motivation, will, intellect and passion. These are the elements that forms and creates your quality of life.

Have a great day



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