The 7 most important things for your health

If you want the recipe to a life with normal weight, lots of energy and vitality, then these elements below is fundamental for your quality of life.

The air you breathe

The right way of breathing is very important. You have to inhale all the way down to your “stomach”. Relax in your shoulder and let the air slowly fill your bottom lungs. You can focus on it in meditation, standing or lying dowm on your back.

Is you don´t breathe right, you don´t get the right “power” from your cells. They need you to relax and breathe properly.

The water you are drinking

Water is the best you can drink, but of course it has to be clean water. Your body contains nearly 70% water. That is why water is more important to you than food. You will only last a few days without water. Drink enough water and you will properly discover how fresh you can feel compared if you don´t drink enough.

The food you are eating

The water and food is what keeps you body going and if you want to have a body and mind that is optimal functioning, then you have to give it the best you can find. Rule number one is to eat as mush non prosessed food you can. That is organic vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts, beans etc. Things that you can go out and pick. That is the best for your body because it´s natural.

Your mindset

The way you feel and the way you think about yourself is very important in every way you live. If you believe in yourself, then you have more selfconfidence in doing all the things you do, and you also want to do more. Force yourself to be possitive and optimistic. Believe that all things that are happening has a purpose, that can be used positive. It can make you stronger and wiser if you use it constructively. Be good to yourself and believe in yourself, the opposite is to stupid. You can do it. Or at lest, you can say, that I will try and do my best.


Your body is made to move. Every cell in your body will only function at it´s highest level if you are physical active. You also need a strong body to do all kinds of tasks in your daily life. Perhaps some day you are in a crisis situation, and you need to run fast or have to push or pull a heavy thing to save yourself or someone else. You never know. So for your health and others, be physical active and do all kinds of exercises and of course practical work.

This is what you get from physical activity: More energy, more selfconfidence, more mental focus, strengthens your heart, minimises osteoporosis, minimises cancer, it gives you more musclepower and persistence, reduces depression and sadness.

Things you seek

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul. How you look, how you look at it, what you seek and what you do, tells a huge part of how you are as a person. Try from time to time to focus on the life you really want to live. Are you living that life right now? If not, what can you do to change things around you, so you are closer to the life you want to live. As far as we know, you only have this one life. Then do something about it.

Your sleep

Sleeping is also very important for your body. It has to recover and restitute from all the impressions and tasks during a long day. So try to sleep in the same interval each night and do it between 7-8 our if you are an adult. Teenagers and children has to sleep longer.

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