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Be kind to your body

Kind to your body

Why is it so hard to be good to your body, when it should be an easy natural thing to do? I will bring up two of the main causes for our bad health in the western world. Sugar and inactivity. We have to be more aware of all the bad things that we but into our body, and sugar is one of them. Sugar has the main responsibility for our lifestyle diseases together with overeating. New scientific evidens shows that if you eat sugar together with fat, you will have a bigger chance of getting overweight. Therefor reduce your sugar intake and try not to have any for a week and discover, that your sugar addiction will disappear.

The other main danger for your health is inactivity. Your body is made for movement and today there are made so many things through technology, that makes us inactive and that is a huge mistake. Therefore plan your day to be more active. Small morning exercises, walking, climbing the stairs household, running and fitness etc. You HAVE to find the time to be more active.

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