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Positive Psychology – The four ways to take action

Healthy living 

Why isn´t just easy to live healthy? Why is it not just a naturally thing to do? Well it has been for a very long time ago, when we had to have a naturally daily physical activity level and we didn´t have to eat all that sugar and processed food. Today there are so many bad temptations that can give you a unhealthy life, but there are also many possibilities and offers to live a healthy life. The wisdom about health (sometimes it changes after different kinds of research) has never been bigger. You just have to choose your way of living. Will you choose the way, that gives you the best quality of life?



According to this figure above, it really is quite simple. Get rid of bad, negative and unconstructive thoughs. Be positive about yourself, your situation and others. Force yourself to do this because over some time you will begin to feel good about it. You shall also start doing som exercise. This will boost your positive thinking and the way your whole body is functioning. But start nice and easy with the exercise. The new healthy you also needs regular healthy food. Start drinking more water and eat more vegetables. Also try to eat fresh food, not processed food.

All these four “actions” in your life will bring your well being and quality of life up to a new level.

Take action, it´s your life. Your healthy living.

Love, health and wisdom



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