Travelling is to live – New Zealand 2

You can´t get any further away when you go to New Zealand. It is absolutely on the other side of the planet. This you will notice when you have been into a plane for 2 x 12 hours. Thats though but all worth it.

P1030806 P1030808

After many km we arrived to the Capital of New Zealand, Wellington in the south of the nothern island. The kids were grateful to get out of the autocamper after driving for many hours.

Every sign in this country is written in to languages – English and Maori. By the way they have a fantastisk school system down here – but so do we.

P1030812 P1030813

P1030815 P1030816


The british where here and still are.

 P1030823 P1030829

Here above we are going into the Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa. The famous Kiwi bird, here stuffed. We where going to search for the real ones, but they are very timid and also an endangered species. Here below the two paleontologists are searching for some prehistoric dinosaur bones in the sand.

P1030843 P1030861

We are now headed for the southern island. Wellington to Picton. See you soon.

Love, freedom and wisdom


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