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Today I felt like an old man. Heavy and tired and with back pain. But my training program told me otherwise and besides the program today was 5 km run with my oldest son and then crossfit training on our new outdoor crossfit facility in Herfølge. There were no escape, I just had to get on with it. And you and I know, that when you have your shoes on, and you have started running for some minutes and your body is getting warm, then it´s just feeling great. This run was far from my personal best, but I am slowly getting there. My son and I have made a running deal about a half marathon in september. After our 5 km run we had a 30 minutes circuit training on the facilities below.

box jump                              jump

Box jumping is hard but then of course very effective. Here I am doing 10 jumps.

sixpack                               push ups 1

Above a stomac exercise, 10 repetitions and the same with the push up. When you put your legs higher than your hands, then the push up demands more power from you and then of course its more effective.

pull up                             dips

When weighing 90 kg the pullups and chinups are just very hard to do. Here I am doing 5 pullups. I just can´t do more at the time with a very badly damaged shoulder and of course the high weight. This way of doing dips is the hard way because you are lifting your whole body weight.

After the crossfitness training we ran another km just nice and easy to loosen up all the muscles we have just used and to get rid of the lactic acid. Remember you can use all kinds of things in your area to build up your strength and shape. Just use your imagination.

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Happy easter

Love, sweat and wisdom


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