Fear vs Love

Your BODY is YOU

your body is smarter

You are your Whole body. It is not only your brain that gets information from your surroundings. It is your Whole body. Your body perceives informations all the time. All your cells from your toes to your head are communicating with eachother all the time. Your brain, your thoughts can´t fool your body. Your body is a smart organism that will do anything to survive in the best way without pain. If eg you are in pain, your body compensates by using other muscles. If you are not feeling well mentally – you are stressed, angry etc. it affects your body in a negative way. You can get sick and if you are feeling bad in a long time, you can get very sick. Conversely your body will be more well functioning if you are having positive and good thoughts.

Try to be happy every day and your body will reward you immediately and in the long run.


Learn to be a Whole healthy organism. Feel your Whole body and think with your Whole body. Listen to it and learn to BE your Whole body. If you do so, it is surely the most amazing thing you will ever experience, right the VERY close to you.


Love, Health and wisdom


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