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Body awareness – Zone therapy

You live your life in a fantastic body with billions of cells communicating with one another all the time. Your body is a fantastic living organ that are capable of doing so many things. The body can learn so much and develop many competences. It is only you who set up the limits. It is very important to have a good body awareness for having a good quality of life.

You can also do many things to heal your body, bring back balance into your body by letting your energy flow normal again, ease pain and just giving yourself a good wellness.


Try to do some zone therapy on yourself or let a good friend do it, if you don´t want to offer the money on a professional. By doing it yourself, you are going to achieve a good knowledge about your body´s anatomy and physiology.


Your whole body is connected, so of course there are also zones in your hands.


Get on with it and enjoy your fantastic body. You can print out the pictures in a large size, so you better can see it.

Love, health and wisdom


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