Lovely places – Tjørnuvik and Saksun

Kællingen og kæmpen Nature and you

There are many lovely places in the Faroe Islands. Tjørnuvik and Saksun on the Island of Strømø are some of them. On the picture below it is my youngest son and youngest niece playing in the dark sand in Tjørnuvik. We have just played beach soccer, and the old ones are having a break (including the photograher). The youngest ones still have lots of energy.

Below my two oldest boys are climbing their way up the mountain to me in Saksun. The youth´s condition is not what it has been.

20140716_152857 20140716_153753

Saksun is really my favorite place in The Faroe Islands.

20140716_153801 20140716_154928

I have been in the Fareo Islands for the last 20 years and have family up there, so if you are going to the North Atlantic Islands, you are welcome to contact me.

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