Today´s philosophical view 3-6-16 – Between listening and talking

Some people needs to talk all the time. Do they have a really message in all the things they say or is it just because they like to hear themselves talk. Perhaps something in between. Some people speak before they even think. They can be quite funny or embarrassing. The Greek philosopher Plato had his opinion on this.

Wise men say

Dalai Lama is mentioning the great value in listening. All the things you are saying to other people, you know or at least think you know, and you have the need to show, that you know it, or you think it will be beneficial in some way – I hope ;o). When you listen to other people you compare their experiences with your own knowledge about things and that is very useful, and besides the people who listens are the most popular and they get to hear the most exiting stuff.

when you listen

Sometimes you can just say:

Speech is silver,

Silence is gold.

I love the calmness, and I am not old


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