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Pushing limits – The good development

adventure 8.årgang

Last week my 8th grade students pushed their limits in a small adventurerace. First a 1 km beachtrail on bike, a little running and then crossing a river. They have chosen the 4-man teams themselves and they could win by having most rounds and being together as a team.

Alle the teams made a huge effort. Many of the students pushed their limits physically and mentally especially crossing the deep and muddy river. It is just a pleasure being a sports teacher  when you have students that are committed and would like to develop.


It is all about having success. Its all about having that self-efficacy and feeling that you can accomplish all different kinds of things that you want to. It´s all about wanting to develop physically and mentally. That was my experience today with my great students. They could all say, that they made it. That is my primary goal as a teacher – all students should have the experience of that they made it.

Love, development and wisdom



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