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Quality of life sustainability


“Quality of life is our collective hope for a society in which we are supposed to have more – not just things, but more community, more peace, the best educated people, the healthiest children and the cleanest environment.”

“A life of quality is a life of opportunity for all, the opportunity for steady productive employment and financial independence; the opportunity to have a home and retire in security; the opportunity to enjoy a clean, healthy environment; the opportunity to take our future in our own hands and shape it to our will.”

Sustainability is related to the quality of life in a community – it is about whether the economic, social and environmental systems that make up the community are providing a healthy, productive, meaningful life for all the community residents, present and future.

Sustainability, therefore, is about more than just quality of life. It is about understanding the connections between, and achieving a balance among, the social, economic and environmental pieces of a community.
life is love
Let´s all try to gather all these Puzzle pieces together around the world. Not by force. Only by spreading love, respect, tolerance and wisdom. We can get there together.
Love, health and wisdom
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