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Confessions from a real biker

Yes I have some confessions to make. First of all I consider my self as a real biker. A real biker is a biker on two wheels and no engine. The only engine there is, is the power from your legs. I am trying to show that power below in a 24 hour race here below. At least I am not the one behind. ;o)

me and my bike

Today I have a bigger and faster TREK. I have had it for one year and we have already been “riding” 4500 km together. I am a totally bike-nerd and just love being on my bike every day. The pictures below is from our bike-run to Holstebro in Jutland one year ago. We two oldest boys and I drove more than 200 km in 24 hours. That required some breaks along the way. Still on Zealand. Going to Kalundborg.

cykling i jylland pitstop

After 100 km to Kalundborg we were pretty tired in our legs and asses. We have had a storm against us and now we were ready to relax on the ferry to Samsø.

kalundborg2 kalundborg

On Samsø we only had to ride 10 km to the hostel in Pillemark, where we should spend the night before riding to our final destination, Holstebro, the day after. But before bedtime we had to get some calories in the harbour of Ballen.

samsø cykeltur

samsø6 samsø5

After a good night sleep we are enjoying the beach in Sælvig and waiting for the ferry to bring us to Jutland.

samsø7 samsø8


Jutland here we come. On the road again, high speed and lovely weather. Below my two muscle boys trying to keep up with their daddy ;o)

samsø11 samsø12

We arrived in Holstebro at 18.00 very tired and wet. It had rained the last 2 hours of our journey. Then it was just heaven to get a good evening meal and some time in the hottop afterwards. Here below together with my oldest brother.


This year I am riding on the same roads again. This time alone. My boys think that it is a too hard journey. So I have to do it alone. I will start wednesday the 29th. of June at 4 am. Go to Kalundborg, Samsø, Skanderborg, Silkeborg, Ikast, Herning and then Holstebro.

If you love biking and want to go to Jutland at the same time – then come along ;o).

Love, health and wisdom




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