Every summer has it´s own story

I am strong in mind, body and spirit

I am strong

in mind, body and spirit.

My will,

my strength and determination

are always greater

than any problem I face.

If you want to create a better and more healthy life, then start today. Start changing the bad habits and replace them with good ones. It isn´t easy. Therefore start with one or two and feel how good it is for you. It will take time and there will be hard times, where you will fall in. But don´t be mad or frustrated at/on yourself. You are doing the best you can and you will get back on track again. You can use a calender and make marks for your plans, good results, and you can also write a small diary in it to reflect on your great process. It can be your training, your meals, activities and your social life etc. Make plans with other people. In that way it is easier to stick to your plan, and you can get inspired, or you can inspire others. Below there is an illustration of, how you build up positive actions that is good for you and the people around you.

Positive actions

The left side of the illustration is your actions. It is those actions that actually is good for you. These good actions, is where your used energy will come ten fold back, because you are doing the right thing for you and the world around you.

In the middle are your experiences of doing the things, that you love the most. It is the things that brings you in the state of flow and gives you high quality of life.

The box to the right is where your rationality/sensibility will control your actions in a constructive, positive and healthy direction for you. Maybe you will feel sad some day. So you decide to find out the reason by diging into your mind through meditation and looking at that feeling and where it is coming from. You can get lots of different feelings during a day. Some people makes bad feelings in your body. Look at these bad feelings and find out a strategy, how you can be more constructive about these feelings when they come and react in a better way. They are just feelings and are not YOU.

It is very important that you are aware and control these three areas in the illustration. Your actions should be a reflection of who you really are, your identity. Your constructive and positive thoughts should start actions, that are god for you, and can give you a better and stronger identity….if you need it.

Take action and enjoy


Tao/Dao i dit liv??.

Love, health and wisdom


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Every summer has it´s own story