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My religion is kindness

My religion is kindness” says Dalai Lama. What a loving and compassionate kind of religion that is. Islam and Christianity can definitely learn a lot from this.


Imagine a world with less kindness than today. We see violence everyday in the news. What if the media should show two good stories every day, where people shows kindness and compassion in action, then we all will feel more secure and not wanting to build walls around us and our equals. Just be kind and the world will begin to be kind….


It´s all about compassion with wisdom and certainly compassion with action.


Our great challenges today is reconciling the demands of the economy, the search for happiness, and respect for the environment. These imperatives correspond to three time scales – short, middle, and long term – on which three types of interests are superimposed: ours, the interests of those close to us, and those of all sentient beings. Let us vote for politicians that can see more than four years out in the future. Let us vote for politicians with compassionate wisdom and determined human and environmental right actions.


If we start with our own mindset and then let it spread to the people around us then the rings of compassion, kindness and love will spread around the world. Then hopefully we have created a religion kindness.


Let´s all give it a try compassionate and persistent and  every day.


Love, compassion, kindness and wisdom


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