Good Life Circle

Good Life Circle

Your  Good Life Circle

These eight super important things is what you have to have focus on, to optimize your life and to increase your quality of life.


We are social creatures and are totally independent on other people. We just need to be together with family and friends. We need to feel the love from other people and we need to give love to people around us. Love is the fundamental feeling, behavior and act that makes the world a more civilized, safe and beautiful place. Give all the love you have. Don´t expect anything back, but it will surely come back from your surroundings anyway from time to time. Just be openminded and loving and your will feel your own loving vipes from others.

Energy exercises

It is very important that you have a good daily start each morning. Wake up and get your fantastic body started. Start up your energy flow in your meridians with these e.g. these exercises below.



Below the yoga series “The Sun Salutation”.




Cardiovascular training

First of all, do the kind of cardiovascular training that you love most. If you hate to run, you can ride the bike or swim etc. Lots of people go to the fitness center, where they can do all kinds of exercise – also cardiovascular training. One of my favorites there is the rower. This machine is a multitrainer. It stregthens almost your whole body while it also gives you cardiovascular training.

I have trained many years in fitness centers but it doesn´t beat my passion for crossfitness in the nature. Below I will show you some of my training.

uphill træhop

Physical strength

This kind of exercise I also love to get from crossfit training in the nature or using all the obstacles you have around you outside. I think this is much more fun than going into the fitness center, but if it works for you, that is just fine :-).

Dobbelt situp Armstrækkere

Skulderløft armbøjeren



Meditation is good to a full body relaxation, but it is also a very good technique to feel your whole body and developing a good body awareness.







In meditation you can really release tension through a relaxed and right breathing.

Release tension

To many people are to stressfull and have to much tension in their bodies. That is to hard for the body in the long run.


Calm down, be in the present moment, breathe relaxed all the way down in your stomach.

Do things that you love every day. Do things that makes you happy. Happiness is the best opium for your body.

Stress Free

Mental strength

A good way to get more mental strength is through meditation, body awareness, Qigong and physical training. Mindfulness is also a very good and effective way to be more strong mentally.



A good nights sleep is one of the most basic things for having a healthy life. Your body just have to restore and rebuild physically and mentally after a long day with different kinds of experiences.


WiseMovement wishes you a good life circle.


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