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Parents are doing to much for their children today. They drive them everywhere, do all the practical things in the house for them, organizes all kinds of things for them etc. They do it out of love for their children, but it just doesn´t develop their children in the right way. They do not get the skills they need and they do not get that very important confidence and experience of life to bring meaningfulness and quality of life into reality.

I have been a teacher for 20 years and the general skills of children has become worse and worse over the years. Some of the oldest students have never had a hammer into their hands and they don´t know e.g what the capitol of Poland is. They are good at computers, ipads and their smarthphones, but only when it comes to social medias. Many doesn´t know how to use the gps function. So the model below is not only for teachers. It is also for parents…….


Let children do as much as possible. It is the best gift, that you can give them.


And one of the best side effects there is, is that you do something together with your child.


What is more life-affirming than seing your own child growing up with many competences, confidence, happiness and a good mission in life. It is easier to have succes in life, if you from the early stages, have learned to provide and accomplish things by your self. This will help you to get the ideal life.


Remember that your child will not get many skills by sitting in front of a TV, computer etc. So set a time limit, and let your children do all kinds of things with you, even if they don´t want to. Start when they are small. When children are small they have a natural energy to explore the world. Use that all the way up in their different stages of childhood.


Positive Education Final

Let us create children with general

skills, wisdom, experience, love and

quality of life

Love, health and wisdom


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