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We are born to learn to use all different kinds of competences in the fantastic world that surrounds us. We are never to young and to old to learn. Some skills perhaps but when you are a child, you have the best ability to learn all kinds of things. When you grow older many things becomes much more difficult to learn and master. Here below you can see the best way human learn. The best way to learn is to participate in the activity. Just as John Dewey said “Learning by doing”.


There are different learning styles. That is the way you learn things in the best way. Most people learn best by participating, but some are quite good learners just by listening and others have to see it before they can imagine and understand it.


Trial and error” is a fundamental thing in the developing human being. Just look at small children how they repeatedly try to stand up again when they fall again and again.


Later in life people are scared of “Trial and error“. To many have lost they self confidence. But you have to believe in yourself to have the best possible foundation to learn and develop.


To all the teachers and parents. Wake up. Let the children learn things in different ways and by themselves……with the necessary help and nothing more.

Love, wisdom and skills


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