The Insight Of Life 1

The Insight Of Life 2

The historical perspective

We have to be open to all the life wise experiences around us,

that comes from all the people we meet in our way.


We have to be the good example for the future generations.

We have to give love, wisdom and the right knowledge further to our children.

We have a great responsibility.

When we have recognized the background for our experiences, then we will probably accord them greater validity. We have to start this global transformation process now.

The second Insigt Of Life has the porpose to provide us with this exact historical perspective. If we can get the whole human historical identity, we can unit all the energies from ancient time til today and get a more meaningsful picture of the purpose of life. To this we have to be more together with the older generations to get their perspective and to listen to their histories and life experiences. But it is not just our culture we have to learn the history of. We have to learn all other cultures history to get the wisdom that can unit all people in the world.


We are here together…..

Love, health and wisdom


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