The Insight Of Life 6

The Insigth Of Life 7

I hope you follow so far and have tried to integrate the other six insights. I know it is difficult to think and rethink in a new way, but it really is the right way for you to go and to develop a better you and a better world. Keep on working, I know you will get there. Here is the 7 th insight.

The Seventh Insight is called ? Engaging the Flow.? It builds on the previous insight, ?Clearing the Past,? which describes how we unconsciously gain security in stressful times through mechanical behaviors, our particular way of controlling others. Once we have become aware of this behavior, we can stabilize our Connection and remain in regular contact with the true source of all energy. It is then that we can discover our life?s work or mission and start making our meaningful contribution to the world.

What is it that you really want to achieve in life?

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Dreams hires desires

desires hires dreams

They make you feel alive

But not as easy at it seems

It´s a battle and a strive

But feel alive alive alive

Dreaming of more in life

Living on the edge of a knife

Do things and be happy with people around you

Remember they have a life too.

How far can you go

and do you dare to do so……..?

With our mission in mind, and as our lives move forward, The Seventh Insight deals with the process of consciously evolving yourself to stay alert to every coincidence, aimed at our ultimate calling. Sometimes, when things have a special meaning, they jump out at you, entering your consciousness in a forceful way, coming to you as guidance. It is only as we continually engage the flow that we can accomplish our life?s work. Yesterday I followed my desire to spend some time with a wunderful and lovely woman I just met. Sometimes you just feel that you have to follow things up with people you meet. Because you feel connected and they have something to give as well as you feel you have things/energy to give. I felt that she gave a lot of good energy that evening and I gave back. I felt the flow. I felt alive. It was lovely and tea was also brought into a new dimension. It really was the best synchronistic teadrinking flow ever ;o).

Once we begin to pursue a connection with our own mission, guidance comes to point the way for us toward our ultimate destiny. Guidance happens through the process of constant questioning that leads to a greater synchronistic flow.

How To Notice Intuition

When a question arises in our minds, it focuses our thoughts. Our thoughts take the shape around this question in the form of night dreams, daydreams, and intuition that then lead us forward to the answers that we are seeking.

In this buildup of consciousness, we become aware of our Intuitive Guidance at a higher level. Through practicing MINDFULNESS, we can discern between ordinary, calculative thoughts and the more mystical, Intuitive thoughts and feelings.

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Here?s the key difference:

Calculative thoughts are the words we consciously think to ourselves when processing a general problem. This is a significant thought process, but this is not Intuition.

Intuitions are spontaneous notions that appear to come from nowhere. They seem just to occur to us with a hint of inspiration and discovery, yet we didn?t think of them, in the calculative sense. While our egos may well be in the habit of taking credit for such thoughts (?aren?t we smart?), upon closer inspection, we can see they are obtained from some deeper source within us.

Intuitions come from a superior part of our intelligence. They naturally appear in the back of our minds as clarifying ideas on how to proceed. In short, they are ideas that sometimes seem too random, spontaneous, and not logical, but upon greater interpretation they can be observed to apply perfectly to the situation at hand.

Once we begin to identify guiding intuitions in this way, we realize how we have been missing them in the past. When clarifying the different types of thought, ask yourself, ?Why did I just think of this now??


Mindful Intuition

We learn to become detached observers of our experience, employing a habit of watchfulness over every experience as we proceed through our daily lives. This Mindfulness involves close observation of what happens in our outer world but also being attuned to the various thoughts and feelings that show up in our minds.

The idea is to stay impartial and patiently monitor everything you feel or think, including ideas, images, emotions, and automatic reactions. Be the objective viewer without getting distracted by memories, worries, regrets, unfinished plans, or any other ego concerns. When distraction does occur, catch yourself and return to the observer position quickly.

Once we learn to identify intuitions, we realize how they bring forth Synchronicity (another elevation of awareness occurring). First, we receive an Intuitive picture (an urge) to end or begin something, to solve a problem, or to pursue some line of interest. Then, if we follow the guidance diligently with MINDFULNESS, an important Synchronistic breakthrough will take place ? thus leading our lives forward to our greater calling. In this way, following our Intuitions is the key to increasing our Synchronistic Flow and maintaining our flow of destiny.

The Seventh Insight also deals with how to interpret our night dreams and daydreams. When a night dream occurs, compare the dream story to your life. Bad dreams have the most important messages since they act as warnings of things that are probable but can be avoided by recognizing the message from the dream.

However, when a daydream occurs, we must ask why? How does it relate to you as seen from the position of an observer. The Seventh Insight says that fear images should be stopped as soon as they come. Then another image, one with a good outcome, should be willed through your mind. Your intuitions will be about positive things.

Soon, negative images will almost never happen. When they do occur thereafter, they could have particularly serious meanings, and their message should be dealt with accordingly.

I believe our Intuitive thoughts, night dreams, and daydreams are elemental to the process of downloading our higher, divine intelligence through an increased spiritual connection. Yes, we have free will, and we can exercise our reasons and preferences at every turn. But, recognizing our inner, spiritual intelligence opens us up to a life guidance. One that will address how we can break through old habits and distractions, and then find and evolve to our most exciting and prosperous, life purpose.

Find the flow of life.

I hope to find tea flow again.



Love, dreams and life


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