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The Insight Of Life 8

?We humans have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have known, by seeking to psychologically steal it from the others?an unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world.?  

James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

The Eighth Insight is called, ?The Interpersonal Ethic.? It builds on the previous insight, ?Engaging the Flow,? which reveals how our Connection with Divine Intelligence allows us to discover our life?s work and mission.  We soon begin to intuit our meaningful contribution to the world.

As we move forward and have questions about our life?s direction, our energy will resonate with others who can help. The Eighth Insight shows us how others help us in mysterious ways to expand our journey if we treat others in a specific manner.

Synchronicity ? meaningful coincidences ? is present to guide us as we grow toward our destiny.  What we can observe is that the people in our lives provide the majority of our Synchronistic experiences.  You can learn to increase your synchronistic flow by using the Eighth Insight to open others up to help you.  Synchronicity can occur in any of our relationships ? with strangers, romantic partners, friends, family members, groups, and especially with our children.

Thus, the Eighth Insight teaches us that in every type of interaction we MUST enhance our attitude of giving as we communicate.  We must ?uplift? others by looking past their ego or defense mechanisms to see their spiritual essence.

As you interact with others, even when disagreeing, visualize an expression of a higher Connected consciousness in their eyes of the other person, and on their face. Respond to their authentic, essential self. As a result of this, not only is the person lifted into a greater level of experience, they are more likely to intuit a message or lesson they have for us.


Love, health and wisdom


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