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Greece Lightning

“Travelling is to live” said the famous H. C. Andersen in the “Adventure of my life” (1855).

I have always agreed with him on this. Especially this time when I went to Greece for the first time. It was on the main land in the area of Pelion. An unknown paradise in Greece.

I have never experienced such lush and beautiful variation of nature.

Along an unknown path
Distant from the place you call home
Voices summon you in the distance
Edging you to claim your destiny
New legends unfold and lessons learned while
Traveling to new lands
Under the strings of fate
Reach out to that light within and
Escape through your dreams to release your inner self

Anna Sandberg


I felt totally intoxicated of the beauty and the kindness of the local people.

The force of life and freedom rushing through my veins.

I am alive and I enjoy with my whole body.

Fascinating vegetation and bounty beaches.

Aesthetic build houses everywhere.

Where ever you go go with open heart, mind and humility for the locals, the culture and the whole environment.

Se the world, learn and live.

Love and wisdom



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