Huge step for man - small step for mankind

The beginning of your freedom

The essential insight to your freedom, is that you are not the thinking part of your body-mind.

In the very moment you start looking at “the thinker”, you activate a higher level of consciousness.

You begin to realize, that there are a huge area of intelligens beyond the thought, and that the thought only is a very little aspect of this intelligens.

You will also realize, that all the things, that really matters – beauty, love, creativity, happiness and inner peace – occurs beyond the mind. You are your very BEING. It is al a matter of being in the state of just being. It is here that you are in contact with yourself and the whole univers. Being is your very essens. There is a small step from being to your experience of being.

You begin to wake up to your new life.

Love, being and wisdom


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Huge step for man - small step for mankind