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Gaia – The Big Mother

Gaia is an ancient Greek name for Earth. The Greeks perceived The Earth in a more holistic way, than we do today. Today all the processes on Earth are examined and studied in each different kinds of Scientific fields. E.g. chemistry, geology and biology. Back then the Greeks had mixed theologi and Science all together, and The Earth was seen as a Mother. This perception of Earth is long gone. Now it is Science and particulate studies.

The man behind the Gaia-hypotheses, James Lovelock, says that we are starting to se The Earth in a more holistic way again. It can not only be studied in separate parts, is also has to be studied as whole system. The hypothese is that The Earth is a big “Lifesystem” where air, water and soil is working together with all organisms to ensure optimal living conditions for all life on Earth.

You can learn much more about Gaia in the video below.

Love, Gaia and wisdom


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