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Earth with freedom, love and wisdom

Children don´t make things so difficult. They are open minded, loving, caring, curious and very social. Even when their feelings go high, they try to work things out in the best way afterwards. Incredible that we can learn so much from them.

We only have this planet Earth to live on so far. I child would say: “Why are we treating Earth so bad? Why are we killing so many trees and animals? And why are we treating each other so bad? Why do we see all these video clips of war and terrorism in the news all the time? Why are we so cruel to each other? Why are they not sending us some good news instead?

Weakness in a huge scale is when there are politicians that want´s to control and tyranise other people. Dictators control because a free and democratic people is to “wild” and they don´t want to share all their benefits. Let the people rule. Let the revolutions start all over the world. Power to the people and wealth to the people. Multinational companies are controlling everything on this Earth. They own almost 80% of everything. They are e.g. using the poor in Africa. They drain the African countries for natural ressources and earns billions of dollars each day. Money, power, money, power, money is in control…….I say damn that is PRIMITIVE. Earn more and more so more and more can be poorer and poorer. How much should rich people have more of to satisfy their basic needs?

History has shown that religion is one of the most cruel things that has ever happened to man kind, and still is. Killing, intolerance, cynicism, stupidity……..the list is long. I have a very few positive words left for religions. Humans interpretations and practice of different kinds of religions has been so bad through out History. Where are the good things in religions, when there are so much bad in the world. Religions has failed. It is time to spread out a new message. Only one religion is still pure and beautiful. That is Buddhism. Be kind to all things you meet in your way. That is a true loving religion.

Therefore there is only one religion for me:      






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