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The little things and right choices

Sitting and watching my surroundings on the porch.

Just being and connecting to what I see.

I lift my coffee to drink. It is good. It makes me feel good. Happiness.

The sun is rising. I feel the energy flowing into my body. The birds are singing. The wind embraces my face and I smell the flowers in my garden. Happiness.

My wife comes out on the porch. I pour her some of the fresh coffee. I embrace her and say “Good morning” and give her the cup. I am present and enjoy her company. She feels the good energy and a good start of the day. Happiness.

Enjoy all the little things and spread out your good energy to all in your surroundings. Spread Happiness…

Here is little story about little things and right choices from Scott P.

My brother, mother and I live in a very rural district on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our farm is at least a dozen miles from the most basic of services. Consequently, we take weekly trips to COSTCO to procure fuel and supplies. About a month ago, we’d finished loading up the SUV and prepared to leave. As I settled into my seat, I glanced down at the curb, when a scrap of paper caught my eye. I retrieved it and read it carefully. Instantly, I was grateful I did.

The form turned out to be a receipt from the State Motor Vehicle Division, documenting the bearers’ payment of their Vehicle’s Registration fees. Quickly, I put myself in their shoes and figured: no one would toss this out, especially if it was current. I also looked over the form for contact or any personal data, perhaps a license tag or telephone number. But that seemed impractical. Although the form had been borne on the wind, where in the busy, crowded parking lot would I find the owners? Had it been lying there for a few minutes or a week? So I checked the date, the fees paid, noted the names of the Owners and pocketed the slip. Recalling the parable of the Good Samaritan, I concluded that the best and easiest step to take was to put the form in an envelope addressed to the couple and send it to them snail mail first thing the next morning. Further, I imagined how frantic I’d be had I misplaced my receipt. Much easier to attempt returning it than to leave them angry, upset, etc. over the loss. I’ve waited in DMV lines enough times to appreciate anyone’s pain.

My hunch was right. By the end of the week, I received a beautiful thank you letter from a very grateful and happy couple containing a hand written message and a gift card to use at any Starbuck’s. In her note, the wife explained how a gust of wind snatched their receipt from a pocket in her car’s passenger door. They had panicked and searched frantically for quite some time before giving up. It felt great to know I’d helped someone avoid a major hassle by doing something which at first glance seemed minor or even trivial.

I will tell you about this important sign next time.

Have a great day

Love and wisdom


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