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Kayaking in Greece

Pelion in Greece is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The region in Greece has everything. A magnificent coastline, very lush vegetation with all kinds of fruit trees and berries and just a perfect temperature around 30 degrees.

We were hiking, swimming and snorkling a lot, but today we were going to row along the coast to a fantastic beach south called Fakistra.


Actually these were not real kayaks. They were Sit On Tops. They are much more secure of you are not used to sit in a real kayak. It is quite dangerous if you turn around up site down in a real kayak, if you don´t have the skills to get out of it again or if you can´t make “the greenlander turn”.

Today the water was pretty calm and the sun baking. On the sea and on snow or ice you really have to be aware of the sun´s double impact because of the reflection. Therefore we had T-shirts, hats and lots of sunscreen.

Along the coastline we rowed into fantastic caves and along amazing rock formations. The water was so clear that you could se the seabed 10 meter below.

It was really nice cooling to get into these caves ocassionally away from the strong sun.

After 1½ hour of rowing we came to the magnificent beach of Fakistra.

It was my first time in Greece, but I am quite sure that it won´t be my last. This place was paradise on Earth. And the people are unbelievable kind and hospitable.


Love, Greece and wisdom



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