Wise words from a 256 year old chinese man

The joy of just being

“In today´s rush, we all think to much – seek too much – want to much – and forget about the joy of just BEING”.

Eckhart Tolle

Free yourself from the mind

To make yourself free of your mind, is the only real release to be the real you through BEING. Start listning to the voice in your head. Listen to your thoughts and way of thinking. Be present now and here. You are not your thoughts. You are your BEING now and here. Therefore you are what you do. Not what you think and feel. Don´t judge your thoughts or feelings. They are just there formed by all your experiences through out your life until today. They are a part of you, but they are not YOU. When you start to get this I-insight, the true I-awareness of your own presence, then you realize that it is no thought.

When you release yourself from your thoughts by not identifying yourself with your thoughts, they will loose their power and dominans over you. When you experience these voids without thoughts you will sense an inner silence and peace. This is the beginning of your natural condition of experienced unity with your BEING.

Make it to a habbit

to ask yourself:

What is going on inside of me in this moment?

This question will turn you in the right direction.

Don´t analyze, just observe.

Let your full attention, go inside of you.

Sense the energy of the feeling.

If you have no feeling,

then bring your attention deeper

in to your body´s inner energy field.

This is the way into your BEING.


Just be




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Wise words from a 256 year old chinese man