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Metacognition – Never depressive again

To many people are depressive and suffer from anxiety. Things have become more complex, we are more busy, we are dealing with stress, our family connections are not that close anymore and what do we really have to believe in in this cruel and violent world? A very short answer world be:

                                         “BACK TO BASICS AND KEEP THINGS SIMPLE”.

But things are not that simple anymore. Unfortunately.

Like Eckhart Tolle says, you are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings. You are your BEING.

This means that if you have “bad” thoughts or trigger thoughts, you can win over them, simply by accepting them and knowing that they are not you. You can overcome these thoughts simply by knowing, accepting, feeling and controlling.

You have to change that control system that runs your thinking processes, and you have to learn to limit all your worries.

Remember that your thoughts do not know, if they are in you mind 2 or 30 minutes. You can push them away, do somethings that matters for you now, and then later, when there is better time, bring back the thoughts that are pushing forward in your mind. You really can control this. If they are pushing to strongly to come forward and you can´t hold them back, then remember that thoughts only are a part of you. Thoughts are not YOU. Like feelings, thoughts are not all pleasant to have. They can be scary, weird and confusing. Sometimes you can tell yourself, that you are losing your mind, because you have this crazy thought. But remember like I have told you before. YOU are NOT your thoughts. You are your BEING and you can learn to control these thoughts.

Your key mission here is to turn your attention the right place. The most important thing here is to be present in the very moment that you are in. Be present 100% in the things that you are doing right now. If you are present in the things that you are doing and with your surroundings, then your thoughts can´t take control. If the present have your full attention, doing anything, reading, biking, cooking etc., then you will move out of your head, into your whole body living with your surroundings. That will give you your quality of life back. Life has to be lived in the world outside you. That means that your body has to be in interaction with your surroundings: A book, bike, garden work, etc.

This is not about avoiding negative thoughts and feelings – No it is about involving in life. Living life when it is there and waiting to give these thoughts and feelings attention, when the right time comes during the day or week.

With the right consciousness and attention you can control these negative thoughts and feelings not to dominate to much. And by time you will discover that your mind really is self-healing under the right conditions.

Your brain gets tired of all that attention during the day, then of course your mind needs a break, and when it does, then your can let all your thoughts and feelings come to you. Look at them and don´t be afraid. Everybody has thoughts and feelings like that. Just take it easy, accept them and be friends with them. They can´t harm you unless you give them to much space. Look at them and know that they are not YOU, just a small part of your mind, that doesn´t mean anything for the person you are.

Your mind will always produce thoughts even if you work with them or not. But in this way, by the time, you will have less and different thoughts. That is because your meta-cognitive brain works best when you are not pushing your mind to find answers and solutions all the time. Therefor it is so important to be present and have your full attention at the present moment, just doing things with your body in your surroundings.

Remember you don´t have to dig into all these feelings and thoughts all the time. In fact do it as little as possible. The best thing for you is to BE YOU in the present moment. Do things.

This is a Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression. it is an innovative form of cognitive-behavioral therapy with a growing empirical evidence base. It is an SELF-REGULATORY EXECUTIVE FUNCTION MODEL (S-REF), Developed by Wells and Matthews in 1994.

Become your own Meta-Master:

  • Get used to that you are your BEING in the present situation.
  • Unpleasent thoughts can wait until later. You control them. They are not you. Just a small part of you.
  • Challenge yourself with things that gives you all these kinds of bad thoughts and feelings and know that the thoughts and feelings are not you. In this way you will discover, that thoughts and feelings are not dangerous for you. You are in control.
  • Observe yourself Being in your surroundings. You can also do it when you are active doing some work or anything. Observe that your being is active with the world around you. THAT IS YOU. That is were you will find your quality of life.

You can do it

You deserve it

Love and wisdom


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