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Your mental fitness

Fitness is not only physical, it is also mental, and of course there is a connection between the two kinds of fitness. More about that later.

In other words, mental fitness is about optimizing your generally brainfunction and in at way that gives you purpose and meaning in life and gives you more quality of life. This has a huge importance on your health.

The first step is to know yourself, and I mean really know yourself by diving in to your mind and spirit to find out your true identity and what you really want in life. Don´t you think it´s about time to be true to yourself and live like the person you are? Remember it is your actions that counts, not your thoughts. The world sees your actions and you are more satisfied by your actions and you are defined by your actions.

So live your dream. There is perhaps only this life to do it. Don´t waste it. Don´t fear to live. If you fear to live, you just don´t live at all.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it all is connected in a fantastic holistic way. Mind (your thoughts), Body (the physically You), Spirit (your identity being) are all a unity that defines you and your generally health. If you make a better connection between these three parts of you, you will go where the magic happens. You will be more one with you and the entire universe. You can achieve this through positive conversations with yourself and other positive people, regulary exercise, soo you get a better feeling with your body and you realease the very important neurotransmitters and finally you can meditate to get that holistic and great feeling about your inner self and your body. Look at this Mental Fitness Pyramid below. The most important things for your health is the buttom things in the pyramid (Physical- and basic need) to get to your Self-Esteem in the top.

Your health also depends upon many different kinds of things. Below you can see them in the Life Balance Wheel.

If you live by this “Healthy Living – Circle” below, I am pretty sure that you can bring your life to a new level. A level, that you have always dreamed of.

How long before you start your new better life?

Love, health and wisdom



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