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The sound of silence

You know the expression speach is silver, silence is golden. When you are silent, you have the opportunity of being 100 percent aware of yourself and your surroundings. You don´t have to think about what you are saying and how you say it.

SPEECH IS SILVER, SILENCE IS GOLDEN – “The value placed upon saying less, rather than more, as reflected in this proverb can be traced as far back as the early Egyptians, who recorded one such saying: ‘Silence is more profitable than abundance of speech.’ The current proverb was rendered for the first time in the Judaic Biblical commentaries called the ‘Midrash’ (c. 600), which gave the proverb as ‘If speech is silvern, then silence is golden.’ The poet Thomas Carlyle quoted this version in German in ‘Sartor Resartus’ , and soon after, the American poet James Russell Lowell quoted the exact wording of the modern version in the ‘The Bigelow Papers’ . Perhaps more familiar in the shortened version ‘Silence is golden,’ the saying has been quoted in print frequently during the twentieth century.

This version of Simon and Garfunkles “The sound of silence” by Disturbed is just fantastic. Listen and enjoy. Not in silence, but a beautiful and powerful song about silence.


Love, silence and wisdom


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