No need to complicate

The truth about learning

This is not rocket science. It is really quite simple. Are you motivated, feel competent and you think you can do th task, then there is a huge probability that you will and can do it and then learn from it.

Involment in the learning situation depends upon the context. Does the task give you the possibility to use some of all your competences in a good way to solve a task that gives you meaning and a purpose. Children wants to be involved, they want to do fun things with their whole body. It is natural to sense the whole world with the whole body. The best learning comes from experiencing with the whole body, and thats is also where all the competences are.

One of our greatest challenges is our indolence that can make us inactive and lazy. This is off course a huge problem when you grpw older and older. For young kids it is still natural to move around and experience the world.

It is all about how strong your experience is in the very moment. Where is your attention in the present moment?

This is what everybody needs in a learningsituation:

When you have your whole body activated in a learning situation solving a task then you are activated 100 percent. Your are all in like a whole person where mind and body are connected in one…….if your mindset also is in for it.

Just look at small children how they learn about the world. They have the answer to almost everything. Things are quite simple. Just keep it simple. Everything else is just confusing. Especially for children……


Love and wisdom


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No need to complicate