At hæve sig over tanker og følelser

To dare is to loose your foothold for a moment…

There is sitting two grumpy old people in this restaurant. They are just sitting and staring out in the room drinking a coop of coffee. Sometimes they are looking back at their lives. They have some good memories, but they are also thinking about all the things that they didn´t do, all the things that they didn´t achieve and accomplish. So many dreams that they didn´t follow. To many regrets. Could one of these two persons be you in the future???

Søren Kierkegaard nails this spot on. You have to live your dreams. You only have this one opportunity. Get on with it. Yes it can be scary and you lose your foothold for a moment, but that will at least give you the great experience of “I have tried”. If you don´t do all the things that you really want in life, you can end up like the two old grumpy in the restaurant, who have lost themselves to a life that has past on.

Yes it hurts to fail. People can laugh, talk bad about you and give you all kinds of resistance, but the people who loves you will always support you in one way or another. Get on with it. The pain you can suffer will just make you feel alive and give you that very important experience of life.

Have you really tried to cross monkey bars? Then you know that when you have gone into it, then you have to keep moving, you have to find your rythm and keep going. You will get tired and you can feel that gravity pulling you down, but you have to stay strong and your mind focused and get on going. It is your choice, your dream and your life.


There will only be progress and development if you try doing things. That is an inevitable process that you just have to accept. Otherwise remember the two old ones in the restaurant. I hope you will sit in a cozy restaurant one day, looking back at your exciting long life and thinking with a smile on your lips: “Yes I did so many good things. I tried so much. I did my best. I have no regrets. I am happy for my life and for the life I have lived“.

Follow your voice within….

Love your life with love, passion, courage, perseverance and wisdom


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At hæve sig over tanker og følelser