Søren Spidsmus og dagens øvelse

Instructions for life

1,2: Yes it is dangerous to live and it costs pain, but it is a part of it, that makes you feel alive and kicking. It is contrasts and when you feel happy again, then you feel that moment extra powerful. You only live once, make the best out of it in any situations.

3-10, 15, 17: Respect, respect and respect. All people have to find that cosmic balance, where we do the best we can for our self, others and we are aware that all our actions have consequences and will come right back to us in the end. You could call it sustaineble living in any situation.

11-13, 18,19: You can start looking back at your life every day before you go to sleep.  Reflect om your daily life and see if you are satisfied with the things that you have achieved this very day. If not, then do something about. If you are, well that´s just fine.

Remember that love and caring is the foundation in life. Not only in your home but everywhere you go. If you are loving and caring you life will have much more quality and happiness.

14, 16: Find wisdom of life by doing all kinds of things. Don´t be affraid to live. If you are to affraid to live life, you don´t live at all. Learn about life in every different situation and share your wisdom. In that way you live on in other people.

Be a loving, caring and daring person in any situations

Then you will have the most fantastic relations

To yourself, others and the entire univers

There is no reverse reverse reverse


Love and wisdom



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Søren Spidsmus og dagens øvelse