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Finding the light

Sometimes you are surrounded by darkness. Things seems hopeless and meaningless. Then remember the good times you have had. Bring back the good memories and find the joy in them. If you can´t find the joy in them now, then remember the joy you had back then.

That joy and happiness you can find again. Now you just have to accept the state of mind you are in now. It is a process and sometimes it can take some time before you are back on track again. This you just have to accept and then you must take it from there.

Then you have to do basic things and try time after time to find the joy in that. It can be making coffee and drinking it. It can be that you managed get out of bed and make breakfast for yourself. Set some simple goals for yourself, so you can succeed. Then slowly you will find the light again like I did in this dark cave in Greece july 2017.


Love, light and wisdom


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