Assumptions in relationships

The Shape Of You

The shape of you, shape your life and be in shape. All three things are important issues in your life. Maybe you have set yourself new goals to achieve in 2018.

Billedresultat for getting in shape is a process

One of them might be getting in a better shape to optimize your mental and physical health and thus your quality of life. For many it is really a hard battle to exercise. Do yourself that favour to choose that kind of physical training that you like the most. There most be something. E.g. everybody can walk and it is quite natural to walk. Then true powerwalk sometimes and then some day on your walk you can run some meters. Maybe some day you can run some kilometers. But remeber to do different kinds of exercising. Lifting things for strenght, motor training for your brain and nervous system and cardiovascular training for your heart.

Here Ed Sharan is trying to get in shape…….well or trying to get a girlfriend….At least both things are healthy.

Get that shape you want

and shape your life like you want.

Nice Hunt


Love, health and wisdom


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Assumptions in relationships