Healthy Kids

Healthy kids are using their whole body. They are playing around moving from place to place exploring the world around them. They are trying and developing all their competences and ressources. They have a natural inner drive for movement. When I was a kid I did that all the time. That was a time where there wasn´t so many different kinds of screens (cell phones, computers, playstations etc.) that inactivates people.

Well that is ouir reality today. What can we do then to make so many healthy kids again. If you are a parent then you should do all you can to take your kid/kids outside doing all kinds of things. E.g take them into forrests and let them explore all the things in there as often as you can. I teach biology in secondary school in Denmark and I know that many of my pupils are scared to death of getting into the forrest because they have never really been there before. They thing that they are going to be killed by dangerous animals, and we are talking Denmark here. There are no dangerous animals in Denmark.

And what about teaching kids to clean up, hammer nails, sawing etc. all kinds of basic things that are good skills to have further on in your life.

Relateret billedeWhat is the use of several hours of gaming for your body, mind, health and FUTURE compared to all the other skills that you can develop and achieve???

Get into the game (not that game) and make a more healthy and REAL world. It is really hard to compete with all the electronically devises because they bring you so much dopamine in your brain, but you just have to force your kids in the right direction, maybe only allow two hours of gaming a day, and then do all kinds of things with them so they can develop the usable skills that will bring them more joy and happiness in the long run.


Love, healthy and wise kids


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