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We all want it unless you are very selfdestructive or just don´t want to give yourself any pleasure in life.

Every man wants to be happy,

but in order to be so he needs first to understand

what happiness is

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

What gives us happiness is different from person to person, but there are some similary things that basic for finding happiness for every human beings. E.g. Starting a family, having kids, building a carreer, seeking adventure, helping others and finding inner peace etc.

Sociologists define happiness as “the degree to which a person evaluates the overall quality of his present life-as-a-whole positively. In other words, how much the person likes the life he or she leads”.

For some happiness is just a momentary, fleeting impression, whose intensity and duration vary according to the availability of the resources that make it possible. Such happiness must by nature be elusive and dependent on circumstancesthat are quite often beyond our control.

Billedresultat for happiness

The Philosopher Robert Misrahi says on the other hand, that happiness is “the radiation of joy over one´s entire existence or over the most vibrant part of one´s active past, one´s actual present, and one´s conveiveble future“.

What is happiness to you?


Love, happiness and wisdom



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