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Your Emotional Clearing

You have the power to heal yourself. You have that wunderful powerful energi inside of you all the time. You just have to open up for it and use it for the best.

  • If you feel that you have absorbed toxic emotional energy, like pain, anger and grief from another, this exercise will help you to clear your energy field.
  • Take a long deep breath. Breathe and relax and allow your emotions to surface. Begin by putting words to your emotions. It sounds simple, but we rarely identify how we feel and the source of our feelings.
  • Focus on one emotion at the time. Ask yourself if the source of this feeling is within you or if you have absorbed this feeling from an outside source.
  • Take a moment a breathe a few long, deep, cleansing breaths. Listen within. You will soon have a sense of whether or not you have generated this feeling or if you have absorbed it from another. Trust your initial intuitive response.
  • If you intuit that this is a feeling that you have absorbed from an outer source, intend to let it go. You do not need to know who or where it came from. Simply breathe and affirm within that you are releasing what is not yours.
  • If this is a self-generated emotion, ask within for guidance as to what you need in order to heal or transform. Give the emotion a voice and listen to it.
  • This may be a long or short process. If you need help in resolving and understanding how to emotionally heal, ask for the advise or counsel of someone who you trust or a therapist.
  • At times we absorb others´ emotional energy and this triggers a similar emotion with both people. You may need to both release and heal discordant emotions.

Love is the most powerful and health-promoting energy. Whatever you are feeling that does not vibrate to the energy of love is an energy drain on your system. At your core, you are love. It is always within you. Love can help heal your physical body and empower you to experience the goodness in all life, no matter what your current circumstances may be. Realease your anger and grievances, and forgive yourself and others. Every day acknowledge and express gratitude for all of the good in your life. Open your heart, and call forth the love within. Let it move through you and invigorate and restore your body, mind and spirit.


Love, health and wisdom


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