Bodyweight Exercises

Fun At Home Workouts

Here is a quick and fun bodyweight only cardio workout for you for people who get bored easily, from the friendly and knowledgeable people over at fitness blender. In it we?re not going to be doing a single repeat exercise to this whole routine ? how is that for variation! The workout includes a cardio warm up and you don?t need any equipment all for this.

This routine start out with some exercises that are going to increase in difficulty as you go. After you make it all the way through, make sure to drink lots of water afterwards. Also make sure to do a cool down and stretch. Last but not least, aim to eat a healthy clean meal good of healthy food that?s going to nourish your body as soon as you can after this workout otherwise.

Enjoy and get sweaty…


Love, health and wisdom


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Bodyweight Exercises