Run Forest Run

Spend time with yourself in your running shoes. It gives you exercise, fresh air and 100% contact with your body-self.

Convince yourself, that this is good for you and then just do it. You can start walking and then run in between. Walk or drive to a nice place that you love and then get on with it. Bring a friend or family if you don´t want to be alone.

Today I did it alone.

The Forest has a good impact on you. There are so much energy and harmony to achieve there.

Use the obstacles to challenge you the way you want. It is ok to be childish. Never loose your childish spirit. It keeps you young.

The nature talks to you if you let it in. You can feel you are a part of it. It wants you there, because it all began there and it will all end there.

Open range.

Looking far away in the beautiful landscape scenary.

The feeling of fredom.

I hear the water flow,

I hear the trees grow.

I am on my way

Keep on running

and in between I stay.

To feel the stunning

and feeling me and the nature

on my way.

I love running between the coniferous trees away from the forest paths.

Here I feel peace and harmony

the silence and sounds

a beautiful symphony

The darkness down

light above

The forest shows it´s crown

Nature love nature love.

Old and cold

But I feel alive.

I think it will be christmas again this year…

Following the path. Where will it lead me?

Entering places I have never been.

Challenge yourself. Out of your comfort zone.

Is it right to go left or what is left behind if I go right?

Make a decision, your choice and stand with it.

Conquer it. It is you being there. Live it. Be there and let go.

Do what gomes to you. Don´t hold back.

Do what gomes to you. Use the forest.

Soon I am back again. Back to civilization with much more energy and wellness.

I have this fantastic article to you about all the benefits of running. Check it out and be inspired and wiser.


Love, health and wisdom




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