From Barcelona With Love 1

Hola E Viva Barcelona

No this is not a political song for an independence Barcelona…

Friday I went to Barcelona with my youngest søn. He loves FC Barcelona and so do I. Besides we both hate winter, so we were really looking forward to get away from ice path to Rambla Sunshine……..and yes lovely icy icecreame.

There were delicious icecream many places down the Rambla. Ice is especially good when you can eat it in the heat.


I will write more about the interesting but very crowded Ramla later.

The flight was a little humpy with airholes and ups and downs. Nothing to be scared about. Here a view into the cockpit. Amazing with all that buttons.

Billedresultat for cockpit

It is really amazing that you can walk into a plane from a very cold winterplace and then three hours later you get out of the plane in 20 degree celcius and palmtrees around you. I love that feeling a lot more than the other way around.

We came to Barcelone to see the big and important footballmatch in La Liga sunday between FC Barcelona and Athletico Madrid on Camp Nou. That left us good time to see all the other great things in Barcelona, though my soon rather would relax all the time until the match. But No No No. That wasn´t my plan…

From Barcelona With Love 2 is on it´s way


Love, Health And Wisdom


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  • Svar Sissi 18. marts 2018 at 19:30

    Mange tak 🙂

    • wisemovement
      Svar wisemovement 18. marts 2018 at 21:52

      Selv tak Sissi og velbekomme :o)

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