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Buenos días

Billedresultat for catalonien

As you can see below it is not everybody that is for the independency…..

First of all the most fantastic thing about Barcelona is that it is close to the ocean. I just love the Mediterranean Sea and when it gets to hot in down town Barcelona, you can always go and cool down in the ocean and do all kinds of activities on the sandy beach.

Billedresultat for barcelona strand

Billedresultat for barcelona strand


The Marina is also a great place. Beautiful and with lots of people like anywhere else in this city.

Barcelona is really a great multiethnic place with all kinds of different people from around the world. E.g. I bought vegestables, fruits and other grocerystuff from Indians (People from India).

I can strongly recommend Expo Hotel Barcelona. It is placed rather central, but yet in the outskirts of down town Barcelona (Centre). But with the well functioning Metro, you can get from one end of Barcelona to the other in a short time.

From Barcelona with love 3 is on it´s way.


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  • Svar aanews 12. marts 2018 at 21:59

    Mange tak for forklaringen 😊writers help

    • wisemovement
      Svar wisemovement 13. marts 2018 at 17:19

      Glad for du kan bruge det.
      Har du selv været i Barcelona?

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