From Barcelona With Love 3

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Yes the Spaniens are a little more reserved than Italiens, Greeks and other nationalitiens in the south, but we only met nice and kind people in Barcelona. When you are in the south of Europe you can really feel like a huge person, because they are rather small. E.g when you walk a crowded place you really can see the difference. Several times I felt like a giant.

My everyday morning ritual. I just had to have my black Americano every day. That is my dope and they kind of found that out in the bar.

We lived nearby this amazing Park, close to the Expo Hotel Barcelona, called Parc De Industrial.


There is a huge dragon in the park and the park and the tail of the dragon is made to a slide.

Below a little petanque park and small cozy streets everywhere.

Today we were going to visit Camp Nou on a tour before the big match tomorrow.

On our way on foot to Camp Nou we came to Rambla Del Brazil, that is a huge road only for pedestrians. It is a beautiful but special place. E.g. we saw parrots in the trees.

For football lovers this stadium and history inside is just fantastic. Come with me on this tour ;o).

Huge Experience. Especially for my son.

On our way back to the hotel we were rather hungry. We looked for a cozy and good place to eat and after about 1 km, just between Camp Nou and our hotel, we found this fantastic little spot, where we had the most delicious kebab pizza.

buen apetito

From Barcelona with love 4 coming up with e.g. Sagrada Familia.


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