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Run Snowden Run

I just thought about this title running in the snow. It has nothing to do with Edward Snowden, the man who exposed how the US government monitored americans. Well and yet it has… But now you can say that he lives in the snow in Russia…

This is primarily about my beautiful and hard run in the cold snowy forest yesterday.

Your run has to start where you begin…..wise words….

The feeling of fredom….A feeling that Edward Snowden can´t have. So I think I will dedicate this 15 km hard snow run for him. Hope you are able to see this Edward.

I have to run over and between open frosty hills to get to my favorit playground. The forest.

Finally I got there and the fantastic winter-Forest-Scenarie could begin.

At the end of the forest run I came to a place that I have never been before. I stopped there for several minutes. It was like a kind of forest fairytale…

After 15 km run in rough and tough terrain it is very important to begin a good restitution and for that your food is very omportant. This is what I ate just after…

Smooked salmon on rye bread with scrambled eggs, broccoli, red onions and cabbage.

……..and I was so hungry that I took a piece of my plate instead…..



Love, Health and Wisdom



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