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Set Fire To Your Life

  1. Nothing comes by it self….
  2. Yes good timing is very important, but before that you have to prepare in every single way that you can. Don´t wait for the good things to happen. Seel them for yourself…
  3. You are unique, you can think unique thoughts and do unique things. Be creative and swin against the stream. Believe in yourself… CAN do it.
  4. THINK before you do anything. Everything you do has consequences. Remember what you do…..comes right back at you some time in life.
  5. You can always get good adwise from experienced people…..but in the end you have to make your own….and some times the hard way.
  6. Passsion, love, passion and compassion are the strongest powers in the univers. Listen to your passion and you will get a much happier life.
  7. DON´T be a victime. Don´t be an angry stupid person. Like I said it will make you very unhappy and the bad energy will come right back at you. Smile to the world and it will definetely smile back to you.


Love, Health And Wisdom


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