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Full Body Training

A Healthy Body Does Not Come By itself. 

It Takes Physical Activity And A Happy Mind

To Live A Healthy Life.

If You Want To Shape Your Body In the Direction You Desire,

Then It Really Takes Hard Work.

For those Who Loves It,

It Is A Huge Advantage.

For Those Who Hates To Do It,

It Is Pretty Tough Shit. 

I Am Lucky.

I Just Love It.

Maybe You Will Love It Too

Some Day

And Not Only The Results.

If you want a strong body and just need to know how to train your body the right way and in what combination, then you can see a reasonable training program below.

Here I assume that you know all these different names for training positions.

Stuck in the mindset of "I'll do it later"? Use this full body workout to help you get back in shape and to inspire you to continue with your fitness journey!


Love, Health And Wisdom


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