Know Your Muscles And How To Train Them

WorkOut Plan For Beginners


Looking for a quick, convenient way to get more activity in your day, increase strength, and generally feel better about yourself? I?ve got just what you need! Introducing our all-new ?4-Week Beginner?s Workout Plan?! This is designed specifically for someone who has ver little experience working out but wants to get a little more healthy in their lives. This is perfect for you if you understand the importance of exercise and have goals to become more active, but lack the knowledge of how to do so.

This workout plan is 4 weeks long. It consists of 6 different exercises grouped into two simple workouts which gradually and progressively build upon themselves throughout the one-month period. By the end you should be able to do more than twice the amount you started with!

This is the perfect workout plan for anyone looking to get started exercising but lack the direction to do so. This is the perfect beginner?s plan as it takes you from a level of relatively little activity to a point where you can confidently start most workout plans out there.

This workout plan consists of two different workouts that will progressively build upon themselves.
You?ll alternate performing each workout 3 times during the week according to the number of reps listed on the plan.

One-month workout plan for beginners! Follow the link for video descriptions of exercises. From Tone-and-Tighten.comLove, Health And Wisdom


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Know Your Muscles And How To Train Them