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Damn Good Kendrick Lamar

Wow. I wish somebody would tell me what I can’t accomplish.

They could tell me many things,

but I believe in my self,

and know that I can accomplish

anything that I want.

Kendrick Lamar Just Won A Pulitzer Prize.

On Monday, the prestigious Pulitzer Prize was awarded to rapper Kendrick Lamar for his studio album DAMN.

It’s the first time the music category has recognized a body of work that is not from the jazz or classical genre.

And some people pointed out that Lamar’s Pulitzer win comes before a Grammy win for Album of the Year.

People reacted emotionally and immediately, saying it’s single-handedly raised the limits for dreaming and ambitions.

Damn you can do it to…

Billedresultat for limits for dreaming and ambitions

Billedresultat for limits for dreaming and ambitions

The limits lies only in yourself


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