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I´D Rather Sweat Like A Pig, Than Eat Like One


It can be hard to always be motivated to keep up with fitness goals. When someone has a bad day, the weather is bad, or when there are other things that can be done, it’s hard to find the will to go workout. Having a source of fitness inspiration to keep you on track and meeting your goals is important.

sweat like a pig


I love food, but I need to remember that God put it here for our nutrition, not our pleasure.

One way to stay inspired when working out is to reward yourself when you reach your goals. If the goal is to go to the gym more often, reward yourself when you reach that goal. If you want to go to the gym five days a week, have your reward on the sixth day of the week. The reward could be a day out shopping, going out with friends, or going to a spa. Anything that is really enjoyed that isn’t done often can be a reward.

Healthy habits

Drink More Water !!!

If the goal is to lose weight, set weight loss milestones that must be met before the reward can happen. Be sure that you don’t use rewards that can set your goal backwards. If ten pounds are lost, avoid using an all-you-can-eat buffet or drinks that are full of empty calories as the reward. The reward system is an enjoyable way to get your motivation back if its beginning to slip away.

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Another method to help stay on target to reach the goals is signing a contract. Have some friends around and write up a contract stating what you will do to stay on track. Write down exactly what the goal is. If you are trying to exercise for at least an hour a day every day, write that down. Tell the friends exactly what the plans are. Have everyone sign the contract when it’s completed.


…..and you can change…..if you want to. It is all in your mind. Where there is a will, there is a way.


Love, Health And Wisdom



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